Finance Committee

Mission:  The Finance Committee’s mission is to make objective recommendations to Town Meeting on all warrant articles. The Committee is also responsible for reviewing every matter before town meeting and has broad authority to investigate town operations and to summon public officials to appear and produce documents.   By doing so, the Finance Committee seeks to ensure the long term financial health of town government.  The Committee reviews and considers any matter which may have a long- or short-term fiscal impact on the town and communicates with other Town boards, departments, employees, and members of the public for the purpose of gathering relevant and accurate information.  The Finance Committee is charged by the Town Charter with providing annual report to every registered voter in Ipswich prior to the annual town meeting.


Meeting Times and Location:  The Committee generally meets on the second Tuesday of the month year round.  During the budget season (February – May), meetings are twice or three times a week.  Meetings are usually held in Town Hall, Meeting Room A.  Check the Town Website calendar for times, locations and agendas.


Contact:  Fincom


2014 Finance Committee Members:

Jamie M. Fay, Mitch Feldman, Richard Howard, Ingrid Miles, Michael Schaaf - Chair, Marion Swan, Robert White, Kevin Murphy. and Janice Skelton

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