Jeff Putur, Superintendent

                                                      Email: Jeff Putur

                                                      Cindy Hale, Clerk

                                                      Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

                                                Telephone: 978-356-6643

                                                     Fax: 978-356-6616

Office Hours: Monday thru Friday 9am - 1pm
Office Location: 29 Town Farm Road in the Cowles/Highland Cemetery
Cemetery Commissioners: James Graffum - Chairman
Theodore Lemieux
Harry Argeropoulos















                          Cowles Memorial

                      29 Town Farm Rd

Highland                                    New Highland

29 Town Farm Rd                          29 Town Farm Rd

Locust                                       South Side

1 Locust Road                              75 County Road

New Linebrook                           Old Linebrook

405 Linebrook Rd                          2 Newbury Rd

Highland Annex                                Old North

17 Fowlers Lane                           63 High Street



 Bialek Park                                       Daniel Boone Park

17 Linebrook Road                        Spring Street

 Father Ryc Park                        Giles Firman Park

 29 Kimball Street                         94 County Road

 Great Neck Park                              Howe Memorial Park

 128 Littleneck Road                     11 Howe Street




                            *** No dogs allowed in cemeteries or parks *** 


                              Download Cemetery Fees: [PDF] Cemetery Fees




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