Open Space Committee

The Ipswich Open Space Committee is a volunteer committee that meets monthly to pursue Town goals related to the conservation and protection of open space properties throughout town. It was formed in the mid-1980s as a subcommittee of the Conservation Commission, and it prepared the town's first two open space plans in 1979 and 1985. By 1990, the State's guidelines for open space plans had changed to require significantly more information and analysis, so, under the leadership of volunteer Jim Berry, the Town approved forming a standing committee at Town Meeting in 1992. Open space plans were completed in 1994 and 2000. The Town's current open space plan was completed in 2006 and revised in 2010 and can be seen elsewhere on this site.

Additionally, the Open Space Committee oversees the Town's Open Space Bond land acquisition program, which is described elsewhere on this site.

OSC meetings are generally held the fourth Monday of every month at 7:30pm in Town Hall, and are posted on the website Events Calendar listings.

Current OSC members are: Carolyn Britt (Co-Chair), Wayne Castonguay (Co-Chair), Andy Brengle, David Feldman, Bill Holton, Cynthia Ingelfinger, and Ralph Williams. Associate members include: Jim Berry, Doug DeAngelis, Larry Elliot, Sissy ffolliott, Ed Monnelly, Carl Nylen, and David Standley.

For more information about the OSC, please contact the Open Space Program Manager, who provides staff support to the Committee, at 978-356-6607 x4.