Planning Board


The Planning Board consists of five regular and one associate member, all of whom are appointed by the Town Manager for five year terms.

The current members of the Planning Board are: Heidi Paek, Chair, Jay Stanbury, Vice-Chair, Cathy Chadwick, Kathleen Milano and Keith Anderson. Bill Bent is the associate member. The Planning Board meets approximately every three weeks on Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. in Town Hall.  The meeting schedule is posted on the Town website at least 48 hours before the meeting.


Purpose and Authorization:

The Ipswich Planning Board is authorized under the Massachusetts General Laws to regulate the laying out and construction of ways in subdivisions and to insure the safety, convenience and welfare of the present and future residents of Ipswich. The Board is also authorized by the Ipswich Protective Zoning Bylaw to approve site plan review applications for all non-residential development and to grant special permits for various residential and non-residential uses.

Application forms for special permits, site plan review, subdivisions (both preliminary and definitive), adequacy of access, and “approval not required” (Form A) are available for download under  the Department of Planning & Development. You can also find the special permit regulations, site plan review regulations and definitive subdivision regulations there.