Building Department - FAQ's

Q:        Do I need a permit?

A:        Many actions and projects require some sort of permit.  This includes but is not limited to: roofing, siding, window & door replacements, interior remodeling, insulation, and woodstove & pellet stove intallations.  Permits are required for detached storage sheds regardless of the size.  Please contact the Building Department and ask if you are uncertain if a permit is required.


Q:        Can I do my own wiring, plumbing or gas work on my own residence?

A:        No. A licensed plumber, gasfitter, and electrician must perform work under those disciplines.


Q:        How do I apply for a permit?

A:       The Town of Ipswich offers electronic, online permittting.  Electronic applications maybe submitted 24/7.  Online payments are accepted with a credit card or debit from a checking account. 


Q:        Do I need a permit for an above ground swimming pool? 

A:        Yes. Any pool with the ability to contain twenty four inches (24") of water requires a permit.  Pools are also subject to minimum setback distances from property boundaries. 


Q:        Can I have a permit application? My contractor told me to come in and get the permit.

A:         A homeowner may apply for their own permit and act as a General Contractor. By doing so, they would be taking on any and all responsibility for code and zoning compliance.  Also, anyone who performs work on an owner occupied one to four family home must possess a Home Improvement Contractor's Registration (HIC).  That program has an associated Guarantee.

Caution:  Don’t make any commitments before you check the zoning!