How to Schedule a Construction or Electric Inspection

How to schedule a Construction or Electrical Inspection

In order to schedule a progress inspection,
please call 978-356-6605 and press extension 1. 
Please listen to the instructions, and leave your message containing:

1- the address of the project
2- the type of inspection you are requesting
3- whether or not you prefer an AM or PM inspection
      (we do not schedule exact times for inspections)
4- your name & phone number
    (if you think we'll need to get in touch with you)

Please be aware that projects that do not have the permit card & the approved set of plans on site, will not be inspected.  Re-inspection fees may be assessed.

The hotline is listened to only one time daily, at approximately 8:00 AM.  Inspection requests received prior to that time, may be scheduled for the same day (or the specific day you request).  Requests received after 8:00 AM will be inspected the following day. 

Please do not leave time-sensitive messages for the Building Department on the Inspection Hotline.